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Photography is not about cameras, gadgets & gismos.The camera didn't make a great picture any more than typewriter wrote a great novel.~ Peter Adams


Shayla Guerro Senior session

San Fransisco CA

I personally want to thank Rhonda for taking your time to go where my baby girl wished to go take her senior portraits. I am so glad I went through you, you are the bomb. My baby girl is the sunshine to my world and Rhonda Childers you captured everything beautiful about my baby. Thank you so much! Our reveal was amazing and I will never forget it. I have never had pictures so beautiful as these. How amazing!! Rhonda I am blessed to have you in our lives ~ Debbie Guerro

Sergio Rojas Senior Session

San Jose/ San Fransisco CA

If you are looking for a photographer to catch your personality, Rhonda is the one! I was looking for a photographer to take my son's senior pictures and came across Rhonda. I booked a session with her and she totally captured my son's personality. He likes to be the center of attention and Rhonda did just that, made the whole session about him and his likes. She is very patient and detailed. And it didn't just end there at the end of the picture session. When we went to go review the pictures she has a whole set up ready to go with a slide show, very personal and heartwarming. I will be going to her again for my daughter's senior pictures next year. ~ Maricela Rojas

Senior Session

Patterson CA

This photographer is brilliant and perfectly captivates the idea that you have for your photos. When you tell her your ideas and vision that you have for how you want your photos to look she captures that and somehow makes the vision come to life in an even better way then you could have imagined it. I have heard so many horror stories about people I know working with photographers and I have heard of some that were okay, but Rhonda Childers is absolutely fantastic. If you think you are the most uncoordinated and unphotogenic person in the world (me) she will show you in her photos how graceful and amazing you are in her photos as she did for me. When we had our photo session the weather was not on our side, yet somehow this amazing photographer made the images look as if the sun had came out just for us. She has the utmost patience and makes you feel so relaxed when she is taking your photos and she will show you your photos after every few shots to make sure that you like how the shoot is going (which you will). This photographer is a delight that those in need of a photographer should experience. ~JANIAH WALKER

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Nicole "Lexi" Lobato Canals Senior session

San Francisco CA

Rhonda is professional and fun, she has a way of pulling you out of your comfort zone and making you feel like a star. We went to San Francisco for my daughters senior pictures and she captured amazing photos. She pulled out all the stops at the photo reveal when the pictures were ready to be viewed, it was such an awesome experience I couldn't help but cry looking at who used to be my baby and yet there was this beautiful young lady in the pictures. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Kudos to you Rhonda! It's apparent you love what you do and I will definitely be pursuing you in the future!! ~Noreen Canals






Grad Portraits                          UC Monterey Ca

"Thank you Rhonda Childers for putting your heart, soul and time (lot's of time) into Codi's graduation pictures! What ended up being printed on paper was so much more than just a picture. The time you took and all the different poses were proof you knew what you were doing! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you for capturing important moment in our life!" Janis Wiscarson



"Rhonda you capture the most beautiful reflections of life! You have a wonderful eye and a great way of capturing those fond memories we don't realize happen before us until we see them on your photos and thru your eyes and lens! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!"  -Linda Quintanilla

Kinsey Wedding                  Halfmoon Bay Ca

"Rhonda you are the most amazing photographer!! Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures you captured at our wedding. My favorite is one I didn't even realize anybody was watching the one with me and my husband running towards the ocean hand in hand to get our feet wet before the sun went down!! You captured it beautiful and your bubbly personality makes it such a delight to have you!! Thank you again" ~Raylene Renee Kinsey